For Australians - Oil runs out

You do know that in about sixty years there will be no more oil to make petrol, don’t you?

So what do you think will make your car move then?

Ah Ha. Pedals. I knew you had an idea. Or is that just what Morrison is saying?

So, no oil, pedals won’t work, what will you do. Now if you live where you don’t need to drive far there is an easy solution. You must know about solar panels on a roof making electricity. There has been so much about that for years you just must know. You know some people make cars which have a big battery that it uses to run an electric motor. We have all been upset by that Tesla guy.

You also know that as you make many, many more of whatever the price comes down. A little bit of Googling will have shown you that many people or countries other than the Tesla guy are making electric cars. Apparently Morrison cannot Google.

So, town guys, or more city guys, you will have an electric car that you drive to work or the shops and then park in your garage and plug in to YOUR home produced electricity. Obviously you need solar panels on the roof and a battery or a pile of car batteries in the garage.

At present you spend $100 a week on petrol. (I like easy maths). EACH year you do not spend $5,200 on petrol. Your roof has made your fuel. Or your solar panels if you are going to be picky.


Ah Ha. You too can have solar panels to go with the water from your tap or dam or tank or whatever. What does electricity plus water give you?

I hope you knew hydrogen was the answer.

You do know that hydrogen burns, yes. So that is one way to get around. Use hydrogen instead of petrol.

Now Google hydrogen fuel cells.

The fuel cells produce electricity that can then drive your electric car, truck, tractor, tank (if you are getting ready for World War III).

Now Bill knows all this. Just help Australia and try to let Morrison know how he will be getting around in just a few years.

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